Aid to the vulnerable


A relentless downpour pounded Tamil Nadu’s capital city of Chennai on December 1, 2015, flooding and submerging one of India’s largest cities. The heaviest one-day rainfall in the region in more than a century – as much as 494 mm (19.45 inches) left more than three million people without basic services, collapsed roads and bridges, and halted air and train travel in and out of the city, stranding hundreds of passengers. “Chennai has become a small island,” said India Home Minister Rajnath Singh. The catastrophic rains not only isolated the city but forced tens of thousands from their homes. The military dropped food supplies to residents stranded on rooftops. For the first time in its 137-year history, the local paper went unpublished because staff could not reach the press. On December 2, authorities declared Chennai a disaster zone.


1000 Sets of Cloths Handed Over

1500 Food Packets Distributed

500 Sets of Blankets Distributed

Chennai is 350 kms away from Bangalore and thus providing immediate assistance to people affected was a challenge. We networked with other NGO’s to distribute close to 1500 food packets through volunteers to suburbs and remote locations. Over 1000 sets of clothing were given to people living in slums and those who were completely displaced due flooding. These people had no other clothing other than the one they wore. The devastation caused loss of materials at home which meant that they could not go back home to restart their lives. The immediate relief of cooked food was followed up with 500 dislocated families offered blankets to keep them warm. The need was huge and our resources were limited, but nothing could stop us from helping our dear brothers and sisters. We were able to put a smile on faces of people

we helped and could tell that they were very grateful for the assistance provided to them. As we look beyond this tragedy, we could see normal people doing extra-ordinary work to assist with relief. People from all walks of live united for a cause that brought the best out of the situation. We thank all of you, volunteers and donors for supporting us to support them. Without you this would not be possible.

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