Victory children’s home is a project that focuses on children in need of care and protection and aims to provide Food, Clothing, Shelter, Education, and Recreational activities for the Holistic Development of a Child.

The Home was established to Care and Love the marginalized kids who otherwise would never experience any goodness in this society. The kids were selected based on the survey conducted by our social workers upon receiving applications to ensure the most needy families receive the benefits. Some highlights of the activities conducted this year.


A December to Remember

Christmas is all about love and giving. We were blessed to hand
presents for Chrsitmas and New year to all kids at the home.
Kids were overjoyed to see what their gift was and fell in love
with them. Each one of them thanked and played with each other
throughout the night.

The kids after a productive vacation get ready to go back to school and explore opportunities to maximize the learning. School supplies and educational support were given to all kids at home that enabled continue their schooling without interruptions. After every summer holiday, kids hesitate to go back to school. After successfully persuading them, they now enjoy the school routine.


To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream, not only plan, but also believe

This is a milestone any day for us as we strive to see them excel at every given opportunity. We celebrated their success with sumptuous meal and appreciations


A one day retreat was organized for kids of all ages to reflect on the year. Youths from Divine Gospel Church assisted with the planning and setup of this program. Breakout sessions for different age groups were conducted for age appropriate learning. Lots of laughter, dancing and empowering happened.

A day of Art for the Kids

The kids were given papers, colors, glitters, stickers and other craft items to show their creativity. Every single child, from the younger to the older enjoyed a good time exhibiting their talents

Community Dance Program

Every year we invite people from our community for an evening of celebration where our kids perform. Months of practice is finally rewarded with applause and appreciation from the elders and community members. Dance, drama, mimicry, and singing were some of the prominent performances.

Independence Day Celebration

Children’s band leads the way for our staff Solomon to hoist the flag followed by Independence Day speech and dance by children. At the end of celebration sweets were distributed. The kids also watched movies related to the struggle and challenges faced by our freedom fighters.

A Day at the Amusement Park

This was one of the very last events that we know of that was of the pre-Covid era. Kids enjoyed a day at the amusement park . Little did we know that after this the world that we know of would never be the same

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