Mission Field

Rays of Peace trains pastors and sends them into different mission fields in the state of Karnataka South India. Rays of Peace often conducts seminars and conferences for pastors in villages, equipping them with the Word of God, and launching them into their mission field. Pastors are trained to stand strong for the Lord and win new souls for the Kingdom of God. Rays of Peace trains pastors to work with zeal – for His coming is near – and encourages them with deep words from the Lord.


Rays of Peace Ministries conducts conferences for pastors and community leaders in different parts of Karnataka-South India.
Through these conferences, many people are being used by the Lord and have been empowered to do ministry more effectively. Pastor Mark Jayakumar spends lot of time in the Presence of God, and prepares messages by the leading of the Holy Spirit. By attending “Rays of Peace” Conferences, many lives have been changed for pastors, leaders and youths. They experience great change in their ministry and in their personal lives after attending the meetings. The Lord speaks to each and everyone in these conferences; Rays of Peace wants to conduct more of these conferences for pastors and leaders of all denominations. Rays of Peace teaches attendees to be zealous for the Lord and to minister with boldness; to stand strong in order to reach out to new souls for the kingdom of God and to keep ministering until the coming of Jesus Christ.

Pastors & Believers Seminar

Rays of Peace Ministries conducts seminars for local churches in different parts of Karnataka and the surrounding areas. These seminars are conducted for pastors and Church Believers in all the local villages of South India. These seminars are conducted often with the theme “Deep Truth Seminar” (DTS). Rays of Peace intends to awaken the churches that have been slow in growth and challenge individuals in their daily spiritual lives. Rays of Peace will be conducting more DTS for pastors and believers for the Glory of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Village Evangelism

All the Branch Pastors of Rays of Peace have been trained and sent into their mission fields. Pastors in the mission field go through many persecutions in many of the villages because of the strong influence of Hinduism, but even during these tough times, Rays of Peace Branch Pastors stand strong for the Lord in Preaching the Word of God. Pastor Mark is well known as the Village Evangelism Minister, and most of Pastor Mark’s ministry is in the local villages of Karnataka. So Pastor Mark is well experienced to train all the Branch Pastors and advises them spiritually, teaching them to stand strong and to overcome all the heights of the devil. Rays of Peace pastors are dedicated to do the work of the Lord in all kinds of situations. Please pray for all our missionary pastors in the mission fields.

Youth Ministry

Youth around the world are taking the lead on global issues and inspiring amazing change and awareness. Youth ministry is a key focus of the church in its pastoral concern, reaching out to young people to embrace their gifts and to walk with them in their process of becoming all they are called to be in Christ. Knowing this, Rays of Peace Youth Ministry is designed to help spiritually train and equip teens in a fun and Godly atmosphere to the glory of God. Rays of Peace youth ministry seeks to help youth share their gifts, grow in life skills, develop a positive self-image, overcome prejudices, develop respect for differences, serve those in need, foster social change, participate in the church, develop a personal spirituality and prayer life, apply faith to daily life, integrate values and develop a personal relationship with Jesus.

Rays of Peace youth ministry conducts a series of programs and activities quite often to give young people a chance to participate in church life, develop their own faith and spirituality and discover new friendships. The Youth of Rays of Peace are involved in many activities of the Church including helping with the Worship Team, Youth Programs, and Chain Prayers.  Rays of Peace hosts Youth Retreats every year. Pastor Mark models his message for the youths of this generation with his ministry experiences. Many lives of youth are being changed by his testimony and message from the Holy Spirit through him. As Pastor Mark travels to countries, lives are being changed in youths, All the Glory be to God!