Pastor Mark and WifePastor Mark Jayakumar

Pastor Mark Jayakumar’s life began with misery; he was rejected and abandoned by his parents when he was just 3 days old, left in a hospital in the rural part of the Kolar District (about 80 kilometers from Bangalore) in Karnataka, South India.

He was adopted and raised up by Canadian Missionaries (World Missions to Children). At the age of 15 Mark’s adoptive parents narrated him the true story of where he was and how he had come to them. Heart broken, he thought, this situation should not happen to any one. At the young age 15 he made up his mind to take up the challenge to adopt and care for the young ones as they should not be left out in this world as orphans.

After his schooling, he studied for his B.Th (Bachelor of Theology) in Haryana North India. Even during his studies he also had a vision to start a home for the rejected and abandoned. This was running over his mind constantly. The sadness was buried deep into his heart. He had a point to prove to the world that the rejected and abandoned are not left alone in this world to suffer. So after completion of his Theological studies he started the Lord’s Ministry and then started a ‘home’ for the unprivileged in a small way with just two boys initially. Today Pastor Mark runs 4 Rays of Peace Orphanages in North & South India totally consisting of 150 Children. Pastor Mark’s future plan is to start many more homes for the Orphan Babies & Children all round India, who have been rejected and abandoned by their parents and society. And model these children to become rulers and visionaries for the Gen Next of this World.