Rays Of Peace Ministries

ROP Church2Rays of Peace Ministries was started in the Year 1988 by Pastor Mark Jayakumar. While attending Grace Bible College, the Lord Spoke to him. He was spending his personal time of prayer in a lonely room, and the Lord’s anointing was so strong on him, the Holy Spirit showed him a vision to go to Karnataka South-India and start the work of God in Bangalore (Chellikere Village). But he did not know were this village was located, and so after finishing His B.Th (Bachelor of Theology), Pastor Mark Jayakumar came in middle of the night to this unknown village called Chellikere as the Lord had spoken to him in the Bible College.

When he started this ministry he was able to gain only 2 souls in the first year. His first believer was an older lady of the village and his beloved wife Francina Mark who is very much supportive till this day.  In his early days of ministry he was not able to afford to buy food, so he used to eat onions and drink water for his meals. As days passed, the Lord blessed him with groceries from the villagers.
Pastor Mark was beaten up by the same villagers and was asked to leave the village. During this time of village ministry the Lord used him to cast out many evil spirits that possessed people in the village. And we was lead by the Lord to travel to many villages in Bangalore to share the Gospel. And many times he was persecuted and beaten up, but even with much suffering Pastor Mark took on the challenge to gain more souls in Karnataka

Pastor ConferenceIn another vision, the Lord showed him 3 rings: in these rings the first ring encompassed a few people, and the second with a few more, and third ring was the ring breaking out and expanding and multiplying. Today the Church is filled with 300 souls and Rays of Peace is the Mother church of 4 branch churches and the Lord is bringing new souls every Sunday into “Rays of Peace-House of Prayer”.

Today Pastor Mark is blessed with his 5 daughters Jennifer, Jessica, Jannet, Joyce & Elizabeth. And a blessed and dedicated Team of 7 members. Praise God! For what He is doing through Rays of Peace Ministries.