Rays of Peace Ministries conducts conferences for pastors and community leaders in different parts of Karnataka-South India.
Through these conferences, many people are being used by the Lord and have been empowered to do ministry more effectively. Pastor Mark Jayakumar spends lot of time in the Presence of God, and prepares messages by the leading of the Holy Spirit. By attending “Rays of Peace” Conferences, many lives have been changed for pastors, leaders and youths. They experience great change in their ministry and in their personal lives after attending the meetings. The Lord speaks to each and every one in these conferences; Rays of Peace wants to conduct more of these conferences for pastors and leaders of all denominations. Rays of Peace teaches attendees to be zealous for the Lord and to minister with boldness; to stand strong inorder to reach out to new souls for the kingdom of God and to keep ministering until the coming of Jesus Christ.

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